Guess the Movie

Other than being New Jersey’s hottest month on record, we capped off July 2020 with our monthly charity event hosted by yours truly, Justin Fung, Humble Crew’s Chief Fun(g) Officer.  Here at Humble Crew, we are lucky enough to have strong team environment which quite often leads to conversation that is unrelated to business.  As an exercise to see how well we know each other personally, I asked each team member to anonymously provide a video clip that was memorable to them from a popular movie that launched in the 2000s.  The variety of movies was considerable, and titles ranged from Superbad, Love Actually, Orphan, Stepbrothers and many others.  After viewing all the movie clips, each team member attempted to match the movie clip with its owner.  The person with the most matches received a prize of $500 donated to their charity of choice.  This month’s winner was our very own Grayson Gary, our very talented Senior Director of Product Development and favorite transplant from Dallas, TX.  His charity of choice was the Children’s Defense Fund, a charity that champions policies and programs designed to uplift the poor and disadvantaged youth of America.  Congratulations to Grayson Gary!

Learn more about the Children's Defense Fund here.

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