10 Affordable Holiday Gifts for Grandparents

Not sure what grandma or grandpa need for the holidays?  Stay in budget and give grandparents the gift of a playtime oasis.

Grandma will be delighted to have a dedicated space for the grandkids to spend time with her.  No matter how much space grandparents have to spare, Humble Crew’s space-saving playtime essentials will keep your little ones’ favorite toys and books neat. 

Contemporary and stylish colorways mean these pieces will blend in seamlessly with grandma and grandpa’s existing furniture and décor.  And kids won’t be able to contain their excitement when it comes time to visit grandma and grandpa once again 😊

These 10 gift ideas are thoughtful, practical, and affordable – perfect for any grandparent in need of a grandkid’s playroom refresh!

Under $80:


1. Kids Springfield Supersized Toy Storage Organizer with 16 Storage Bins

Our best-selling toy organizer in a versatile grey and white colorway comes with 4 large and 12 small plastic storage bins. 

Get it at Amazon for $79.99 MSRP - on sale now for $68.88!


2. Kids Espresso Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Storage Bins

    Grandparents will love the rich colorway of our Espresso 12 bin toy storage organizer

    Get it at Walmart.com for $66.23


    3. Kids Primary Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Storage Bins

    Opt for primary-colored bins with natural wood panels for a fun pop of color

    Get it at HomeDepot.com for $64.24


    4. Kids Primary 2-in-1 Plastic Building Blocks-Compatible, Dry Erase Activity Table and 2 Chairs Set

    This table set with 2 chairs includes a dry erase-surface tabletop to give children a space to draw, make slime, and more when they aren’t playing with plastic building blocks

    Get it at Walmart.com for $49.96


    5. Kids Lightweight Plastic Table and 4 Chairs Set

    This vibrantly-colored plastic table and 4 chairs makes space for all the grandkids to enjoy playtime at grandma’s!

    Get it at Amazon for $59.99

    Under $50:


    1. Kids Inspire Toy Storage Organizer with 9 Storage Bins

    This 9-bin toy storage organizer is perfect for grandparents with limited space for a playroom. It can also be used in the bathroom or laundry room to store toiletries and supplies.

    Get it at Walmart.com for $40.39 MSRP - on sale now for $36.35!


    2. Kids Lightweight Plastic Table and 2 Chairs Set

    The adorable aqua, yellow, and green colorway of this plastic table set will liven up any room at the grandparents’ house.

    Get it at Walmart.com for $40.00

    Under $35:

    1. Kids Inspire Book Rack 4 Tier Book Storage

    Approximately two feet tall and wide, this space-saving bookrack is perfect for smaller spaces at grandma and grandpa’s house.

    Get it at Walmart.com for $34.99


    2. Kids Journey Book Rack 4 Tier Book Storage

    The natural wood grain and white color of this bookrack is sure to complement any room of the house.

    Get it at Walmart.com for $30.33


    3. Kids Pastel Book Rack 4 Tier Book Storage

    These soft pastels make story time at grandma and grandpa’s as cute as it is fun!

    Get it at Walmart.com for $27.93


    *All pricing listed here is updated as of 9/27/2022. Prices subject to change.

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